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Internationales Symposium der Groupanalytic Society International (GASI) 2017 in Berlin - First Announcement -

Vom 15. bis zum 19.August 2017 findet in Berlin das nächste Symposium der GASI statt. Es wird in Kooperation mit der D3G und dem lokalen Berliner Institut für Gruppenanalyse (BIG) durchgeführt. Der Titel lautet - Crossing Borders: Social, Cultural and Clinical Challenges.

Alle Interessenten sind herzlich willkommen. Die Einladung zur Teilnahme an der Tagung gilt auch denjenigen, die noch neu sind bei den Gruppenanalytikern. Zur Förderung der Forschung auf dem Gebiet der Gruppenanalyse wird zum zweiten Mal ein Preis (SAGE-Verlag) für die beste Nachwuchsarbeit für eine Gruppenanalytische Forschung durch Weiterbildungskandidaten vergeben.


Es wird auch ein anspruchsvolles und unterhaltsames kulturelles Angebot organisiert, welches die Tagung begleitet.  Für eine Fotoausstellung  von Berliner Fotografie- Studenten  wird ein Preis für Gruppenarbeiten zum Thema „Gruppen in Berlin“ gestiftet. Bitte merken Sie sich den Termin vor - please save the date.


Dr. Kurt Husemann (Berlin) und Gerda Winter (Kopenhagen)


Chairs der Tagung




und hier noch einmal in der Kongresssprache:


Crossing Borders: Social, Cultural and Clinical Ghallenges 


Berlin  15 - 9 August 2017


Group Analysis is based on mutual respect, inclusion and space for reflection. However, we are living in a social context that arouses increasing fears of invasion from 'foreigners'. From Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, poverty and war force millions of people to leave their homes. There are increasing terrorist attacks under the cover of radical ideological attitudes and we are confronted with more and more social disintegration.

The Symposium will reflect how our daily work with and in groups is permeated and challenged by this social context.

The Symposium will take place in the centre of Berlin, which has become, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a lively and creative city. It attracts young people from all over the world and has a strongly multicultural city population interested in art, culture and history. It is a city filled with a difficult past and a promising future.

We look forward to welcoming a wide range of people to The Symposium. Colleagues from the former Eastern Europe, those involved in the crisis of the Eurozone and those involved with the vast numbers of refugees crossing borders at this time in our history. We hope that the Symposium will be a challenge for all grappling with these issues, whether group analysts or not. Whatever your participation, the Symposium will be enriched by your contributions to the academic and experiential programme.

English will be the official language and the Plenary Lectures will be translated into German. We will also try to facilitate communication and comprehension for speakers of other languages.

If you wish to extend your stay either before or after the Symposium, you will be able to explore Berlin and Potsdam, become part of the cultural life of our vibrant city and freely explore the many parks, forests and lakes around Berlin.

Gerda Winther and Kurt Husemann

as chairpersons of the Symposium


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